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Trump, God, Leftists or Gays? Who Owns Hurricanes Ripping Us Apart? 2

Trump, God, Leftists or Gays? Who Owns Hurricanes Ripping Us Apart?

Donald Trump has sowed the seeds of his own destruction and now he’s reaping the whirlwind… literally. Trump is getting the blame for bringing on Mother Nature's wrath. Then, again, so are Leftists, God and the usual mortal sinners. So who owns Harvey, Irma and Jose? The United States is being hit by a succession of hurricanes unprecedented in size and ferocity, sparking a hurricane size political debate. ...
Ann Hornaday Finds an Ally for Mass Murder Movie Link... Rush Limbaugh 4

Ann Hornaday Finds an Ally for Mass Murder Movie Link… Rush Limbaugh

Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post film critic widely criticized for suggesting Elliot Rodger went on a murder spree because of frat boy movies, has at least one media ally, ultra-conservative talking head Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh drew a connection between the murders at the University of California Santa Barbara and the movie “Hunger Games.” On his syndicated radio show, Limbaugh pointed out that Elliot’s father Peter Roger worked as an assistant director on the first movie in the series. ...
Rush Limbaugh was a pioneer of post-truth politics in the media.

‘D’oh! Rush Limbaugh Thinks Stephen Colbert Character is Real!

Stephen Colbert isn’t really a right-wing-bashing liberal in conservative clothing, although he plays one on his Comedy Central television show. Yet right-wing talking head Rush Limbaugh thinks the fat-head skewering character is real. D’oh! On his radio show today, Limbaugh wailed that CBS’s decision to replace David Letterman, no right wing radical, with Colbert is equivalent to declaring “war on the heartland of America.”...
Rush Limbaugh Plays 'Bully' Card in Arizona Anti-Gay Debate 6

Rush Limbaugh Plays ‘Bully’ Card in Arizona Anti-Gay Debate

Rush Limbaugh is throwing his hefty media weight behind embattled Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer with a bizarre argument over Arizona’s anti-gay bill that stands the notion of “bullying” on its head. The bill, which would allow store owners to ban gay patrons on religious grounds, is awaiting Gov. Jan Brewer's signature to become law. Picking up a popular catch-phrase of the day, Limbaugh declared on his radio show that Brewer is being “bullied” into vetoing the measure to “advance the gay agenda.”...
Rush Limbaugh Uncovers Left Wing 'Dark Knight' Conspiracy 8

Rush Limbaugh Uncovers Left Wing ‘Dark Knight’ Conspiracy

Rush Limbaugh is always on the hunt for left wing conspiracies and he thinks he’s found one in the “Dark Knight Rises.” It’s all an effort, you see, to undermine the candidacy of presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The Hollywood Red Scare, as it came to be known, eventually collapsed of its own fatuous weight, but some conseratives–notably Rush–have never stopped looking for Commies behind the camera....