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Katy Perry Ex Russell Brand Hit by Divorce Remorse?

UK Comedian Russell Brand appears to have been hit by a bad case of divorce remorse. He reportedly has reached out to ex-wife Katy Perry in an effort to reconcile, according to reports out of the UK. Will she take him back? Perry, 27, was most recently spotted in the arms of Robert Ackroyd, guitarist with the band Florence + the Machine. The two were photographed getting cozy at the Coachella Music Festival....
Katy Perry Goes Grunt in New 'Part of Me' Video (watch!) 2

Katy Perry Goes Grunt in New ‘Part of Me’ Video (watch!)

Katy Perry probably does more for Marines than a thousand recruitment commercials with a rousing video for her song “Part of Me.” She signs up to be a grunt, but wonder how she’ll feel after multiple tours in Iraq and Afganistan? For Katy, of course, it’s never more than make believe as she works her way through basic training and then hits the beach in a full-on combat training exercise, brimming with esprit de corps....