Russell Brand

Donald Trump Called Out By Russell Brand in Nasty Twitter Feud

Donald Trump is fighting a nasty Twitter feud with UK comedian Russell Brand, who has called out The Donald on two of his trademark boasts; That he is a successful self-made businessman and has a full head of hair. Trump responded by dragging Katy Perry into the social media blast. Trump, for some unknown reason started the feud after watching on the acerbic comedian on late night television....

Katy Perry, a Lady in Red in Harpers, Sees Red Over ‘Bullsh*t’ (photos!)

Katy Perry strikes romantic poses in fiery red outfits in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, but now that the pop queen is about to turn 30, she says she has less time for “bullshit” in her life. Could that mean Taylor Swift? The interview, of course, was conducted well before Swift revealed that one of the songs on her new album 1989 was inspired by her rivalry with an unnamed pop star. Her comments in Rolling Stone magazine sparked intense tabloid speculation that left most fingers pointing at Perry. The connection? ...

Katy Perry D-Cups Runneth Over in Sexy Red, Black Lingerie (photos)

Katy Perry proves a strict religious upbringing is no deterrent to sin. The “Roar” singer strips down for a new photo spread in GQ magazine and confesses that she lost her virginity at the tender age of 16. And, by the-way, they’re real and their spectacular. Perry revealed she had sex for the first time at 16 in a Volvo to the strains of Jeff Buckley’s album Grace....
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Will Katy Perry Avoid MTV Movie Awards With Ex as Host?

UK comic Russell Brand will host the “MTV Movie Awards,” does this mean Katy Perry is guaranteed to be a no show? The two have grown miles apart since their divorce last year. In January, Brand was "dis-invited" from the People's Choice Awards, so Katy could avoid any possible awkward moments involving her ex. Since then, they have been leading separate lives....
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Katy Perry Ex Russell Brand Hit by Divorce Remorse?

UK Comedian Russell Brand appears to have been hit by a bad case of divorce remorse. He reportedly has reached out to ex-wife Katy Perry in an effort to reconcile, according to reports out of the UK. Will she take him back? Perry, 27, was most recently spotted in the arms of Robert Ackroyd, guitarist with the band Florence + the Machine. The two were photographed getting cozy at the Coachella Music Festival....
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Katy Perry 'Part of Me' Full Trailer Takes on Divorce (Watch)

Katy Perry’s upcoming 3D concert film and biopic “Part of Me” looks like it will touch on every part of her life. That includes her divorce from comedian Russell Brand and the rejection she suffered early in her career. In the full trailer, released today (Apr. 3), both her divorce and early career setbacks are mentioned. Both are painful periods in the singer’s life. Her divorce after 14-months of marriage to the UK comedian has to be one of the darkest periods in her otherwise stellar career....
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Katy Perry Teases New 3D Biopic Concert Film (watch!)

Katy Perry gives no hint of an invasion in a new teaser for her upcoming 3D concert film and biopic “Part of Me.” The video for the song, with its military theme, caused a bit of a storm when it was released. The film will chart Perry’s meteoric rise from her God fearing middle-class upbringing to her to her rise as one of music’s top pop divas...
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Katy Perry’s Sleek Sexuality Takes Wing in Jetset (photos)

Katy Perry takes her seductive looks to the extreme in a new photo shoot and interview for Jetset magazine. It charts Perry’s rise from three record deal failures to a globetrotting chart-topper “who travels the world with her entourage in Gulfstreams.” Perry’s career couldn’t be hotter, even if her personal life is in shambles following her stunning divorce from husband of 14-months Russell Brand....
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