Russian Propaganda

Donald Trump Causes European Alarm; Allies Fear Russia Has Co-opted Him

Donald Trump has caused alarm bells among U.S. allies in Europe who are on the front lines against Russia and have dealt with Valdimir Putin’s efforts to interfere in their own elections. The fear he’s been co-opted because of his pro-Putin stance. Trump has repeatedly rebuffed suggestions that Russia is meddling in the U.S. election, despite being briefed to the contrary by U.S. intelligence agencies. For more than a month now, the Homeland Security Department and the Director of the Office National Intelligence have said they are “confident” Russia is responsible....

Wikileaks Head on Message With Trump, Kremlin Aims on Russian TV

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared on a Russian television station known to as a propaganda outlet for Russian president Vladimir Putin to cast dispersion on the U.S. election with off-the-wall claims that it will be rigged to prevent Republican Donald Trump’s election. Assange’s comments are on message with allegations voiced by Trump and promoted by the Russian government....
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