Russian Spy Anna Chapman

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Russian Hottie Anna Chapman Recruited Children as Spies

Anna Chapman and nine others busted with her two years ago were planning to go deep undercover. They were recruiting their own children to spy for the former Communist nation, even though they were Americanized. In fact, Tim Foley, the son of two spy ring members, is still living in Cambridge, Mass., even though Chapman and her cohorts were deported and told never to set foot in the United States again....
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Spy Anna Chapman Nearly Cracked Obama Inner Circle

Red hot Russian spy Anna Chapman was more threatening than her Keystone Kop spy ring appeared to be. She was hot on the seduction trail of a key Obama administration official when the FBI pounced on her band of hapless undercover agents. FBI counter-intelligence chief Frank Figliuzzi made the startling claim during a BBC documentary that aired last night. He said she came close to bedding one of Obama's inner circle. ...