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Is Live-Action Little Mermaid Too Sexual for Young Viewers? (See Trailer) 2

Is Live-Action Little Mermaid Too Sexual for Young Viewers? (See Trailer)

The new live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid” may be a little darker and more jarring for young audiences than Disney’s original 1989 animated classic. Some of its scenes are erotic and slightly depraved, while the movie doesn’t pull punches over its sexual themes. It stars Loreto Peralta, Shirley MacLaine, “Downton Abbey‘s” Poppy Drayton, William Moseley (“The Chronicles of Narnia”) and Gina Gershon (“Empire”)....
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Seth MacFarlane Nixes Oscar Return; Why It's a Thankless Job

Seth MacFarlane got one thing right about hosting the Oscars; it’s a thankless job. No wonder he doesn’t want any part of it again. That’s because like all award shows, the Oscars is inherently dull, yet on television dull equals death. Bob Hope set the gold standard for Oscar shows, hosting a record 18 times....
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Jack Black, Richard Linklater Talk Bernie Behind-the-Scenes

Jack Black may be known best for his comedic roles in such films as “School of Rock,” “Nacho Libre” and “Tropic Thunder,” but he sheds all stereotypes with his current dark comedy “Bernie.” Black reunites with “School of Rock” Director Richard Linklater in the real-life story of Bernie Tiede, who was convicted of murder in Texas. Black and Linklater spoke exclusively with TheImproperabout making the documentary-style film....