Simpsons Thumb Nose at Stereotyping Claims Over Indian Character Apu

“The Simpsons” warn about the dangers of “political correctness” in its latest episode titled “No Good Read Goes Unpunished.” Marge and Lisa make the point in a scene, pondering how classic literature would lose its meaning if updated to meet modern standards. The point segment might have left a lot of viewers scratching their heads without the backdrop of a documentary released last year titled “The Problem with Apu.”...

Trump Takes Hard Look at Himself; Guess What He Sees in New Simpsons Teaser!

Donald Trump takes a hard look in the mirror on a dark, stormy night in the White House and doesn’t like what he sees–a narcissistic sociopath who cheats in golf, on his taxes and on his wives. Is this a new Donald? Nah, it’s a new Simpsons Season 29 teaser. Trump seems to be the only person in the world who doesn’t see himself for what he really is. Check that. His base is right with him. ...

Political Correctness Snares Simpsons; Kwik-E-Mart’s Apu May Be Out (video)

Political correctness may have finally caught up with “The Simpsons,” the iconoclastic cartoon show that has never seen a social convention it couldn’t deconstruct. But the show may finaly be crossing a line with it’s Kwik-E-Mart character Apu. Hank Azaria, the actor who voices the character, has confirmed that Apu may be history because some may deem the character “offensive.”...
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