Skylar Laine

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Colton Dixon Proves Talent Alone Won't Win American Idol

Colton Dixon certainly has talent, but that wasn’t enough to save him on “American Idol” last night. Was it his cockiness, or his nonchalant attitude that did him in. Quite possibly this late in the contest. Dixon proves the rule that the singing show morphs into a popularity contest in the later rounds as the talent near equals itself out and no one is a truly bad singer....
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Jessica Sanchez Gets a Big Scare on American Idol

Jessica Sanchez got the scare of her life on "American Idol" last night. Fans booted her from the contest, but the judges used their only save to bring her back. That's how close the competition is among the finalists. While Jessica has one of the best voices on the show and is poised on stage, she may be lacking the necessary pop idol presence to stay much longer. As always, the best singer doesn't always win on this show and she wouldn't be the first to go, despite her voice. Remember Jennifer Hudson?...