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Lady Gaga, Celebs Got to Bat for ObamaCare Topless! (photos!) 2

Lady Gaga, Celebs Got to Bat for ObamaCare Topless! (photos!)

Lady Gaga and a slew of music and film celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Amy Poehler are going to bat for ObamaCare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act. The outpouring of support appears to be spontaneous. Enrollment in the government health plan officially opened on Oct. 1 amid brutal gridlock on Capitol Hill in Washington. Republicans are trying to block the plan....
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Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle Guilty, Or Thought Crime Victim?

Gilberto Valle, the NYPD officer who became known as the cannibal cop, even though he never actually ate anyone, was found guilty today (Mar. 12) and faces life in prison. Has justice been done, or was Valle convicted for a thought crime? It's hard to engender much sympathy for someone who fantasized about committing the worst kinds of crimes, but the question is critical in the age of the Internet....