Grammys Nod to Streaming Music in Last-Ditch Stand for Relevance

The Grammys, music’s biggest night, lumbers into its 59th year besieged by failing ratings and dwindling demographics. Does anyone even care anymore–outside of industry insiders and 12-year-old girls? The entire telecast could be re-titled “An Annual Tribute to Beyonce.” Every year, it seems, the same four or five homogenized pop stars vie for the evening’s biggest accolades....

Taylor Swift Takes Bite Out of New Apple Music Service: Why it Matters

Taylor Swift’s gutsy move to prevent Apple from offering her latest album, 1989, on its about-to-launch streaming music service was a blow for all artists not just her. She’s probably the last artist who needs to sweat royalties. But they are critical to a host of other struggling and/or up-and-coming musicians who count on every penny to keep making music. It took someone with Swift’s market clout to get Apple’s attention...

Taylor Swift Has Made It to The Top; Now Is She Ready for the Backlash?

Taylor Swift is unquestionably the biggest thing in music at the moment. She even has her own Time magazine cover just like Bruce Springsteen, The Dixie Chicks, Kanye West and the biggest performers of the past five decades. Is she ready for a fall? As Isaac Newton learned in the 17th Century: What goes up must come down. And, the sniping has already begun. Katy Perry’s boyfriend, dance producer Diplo mockingly joked that Swift could use a crowdsourcing campaign to fund a new butt for the slender build....
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