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Donald Trump Lampoons Himself (With Help) in SNL Monologue (watch!)

Donald Trump was the punchline in his own monologue on “Saturday Night” Live last night. The Donald had a lot of material to work with, from his own pomposity to his over-weaning ego. With help from impersonators Taran Killam and Darrell Hammond, how could he miss? Trump, the current front-running Republican presidential candidate, has long been a caricature of himself. And, he stayed right in character....

Larry David Trumps The Donald in SNL Cold Open, Monologue (watch!)

Larry David was the star of “Saturday Night Live,” last night, even if Donald Trump was the host. David killed with his impression of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders during the cold open and punched up Trump’s monologue with a cameo appearance. So when is he hosting the show? Runner up award goes to Kate McKinnon, who played a chameleon-like Hillary Clinton during the open....

Dakota Johnson Lampoons ISIS on SNL: But Who’s Laughing? (watch!)

As if she hasn't created enough controversy by starring in the erotic “50 Shades of Grey,” Dakota Johnson caused another uproar on “Saturday Night Live.” She appearing in a skit where her father lovingly drops her off at the airport to join a truck load of ISIS fighters. The skit was double-edged. It not only made fun of military recruitment commercials, but also at women who are flocking to join the terrorist group to become Jihadi brides....

New Republican Party Drops in on Coachella in SNL Open (watch!)

The girls of Saturday Night Live’s “Girl Talk” took the stage at Cochella to introduce the “new” Republican Party to throngs of screaming music fans during the show’s cold open. But even they couldn’t make the GOP look funny. Two Republican leaders, Rep. Paul Ryan and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (Beck Bennett and Taran Killam) went through the motions to appeal to Cochella’s hipsters....

Lena Dunham Brings Girls to Garden of Eden on SNL (watch!)

Lena Dunham plays a very naked Eve in the Garden of Eden in a hilarious “Saturday Night Live” skit. She wants Adam to take a women’s gender studies class and complains that God is trying to “apple shame” her. Dunham hosted the sketch comedy show last night (Feb. 8) and played heavily off the reaction to her HBO show about New York City 20-somethings. ...

Miley Cyrus Nails SNL! Watch the Complete Miley Recap Here!

Miley Cyrus had plenty of material to work with for her guest hosting duties on “Saturday Night Live,” mainly herself. She pulled no punches. She did send ups on her hot, sexual performance at the MTV Music Video Awards, including a hilarious cold open. To kick the show off, SNL vaulted into the future to 2045, a post-apocalyptic world with “Papa Joe” (Kenan Thompson) reminiscing about the end of America....
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