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Goodfellas Mobster Frank Sivero Puts Hit on Simpsons For Likeness Heist 6

Goodfellas Mobster Frank Sivero Puts Hit on Simpsons For Likeness Heist

Frank Sivero, the actor who played an iconic mobster in the Martin Scorsese classic “Goodfellas” is suing Fox television show The Simpson, alleging that his likeness has been used for more than a decade without a penny coming his way. Now, he’s put a hit on the show that’s bigger than the infamous “Lufthansa heist” that was focus of the gangster movie. Sivero, now 62, is seeking more $100 million in damages. That works out to $6,25 million per episode, ...
Simpsons Groundskeeper Willie Says 'Aye or Die' in Scottish Vote (watch!) 8

Simpsons Groundskeeper Willie Says ‘Aye or Die’ in Scottish Vote (watch!)

Simpsons character Groundskeeper Willie may live in Springfield, but his sympathies still lie back in Scotland. He comes out in favor of Scottish Independence in a hilarious video that sums up the issue in black and white. Willie has the slogan “Aye or Die,” written on his chest. Scots will vote next week in an historic ballot that could see the nation leave Great Britain...
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The Simpsons Mr. Burns Warms Up to ‘Meat’ Romney (watch!)

Springfield’s resident soulless mogul Mr. Burns pauses for reflection on the latest episode of The Simpsons to explain why he’s endorsing Republican candidate Mitt Romney. But first he’s got to explain away a few small problems and one very big problem. It’s hard to believe the hilarious episode aired on the Fox Network, which has been a bastion of right-wing agitprop throughout the election. Nobody captures the essence of a “Fox News” Republican quite like Mr. Burns, the ultimate “vulture” capitalist. So what’s his take on the presidential election?...