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Olivia Culpo, Tim Tebow Fling Heats Up After Her Nick Jonas Split (photos) 4

Olivia Culpo, Tim Tebow Fling Heats Up After Her Nick Jonas Split (photos)

Olivia Culpo still has the swimsuit form that helped her win the Miss Universe crown three years ago. The former beauty queen turned actress indulges in some mouth-watering treats by the pool in tiny bikinis. You’ll never think about Popsicles and Orange Crush the same way again. Culpo, 23, heated up the gossip pages two years ago when she began dating singer Nick Jonas...
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Kim Kardashian Washes Ashore in Sexy Allure Shoot

Kim Kardashian needs a photo opportunity after months of damning press over her 72-day marriage to Basketball player Kris Humphries. She gets one in Allure. Talk about being washed up. On a beach, that is. That's the theme of the photo shoot, although seeing Kim thoroughly doused in water could be open to multiple interpretations....
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Kim Kardashian's Still Sexy Hot… in South America (12 photos!)

Kim Kardashian is struggling with her image at home, but she’s still commands an audience in South America. She recently posed for Esquire’s Latin American edition. Say what you will about her greed, she’s still one hot senorita… or is that senora? THe realty show queen is in the midst of a nasty divorce with husband of 72 days Kris Humphries, a pro basketball player with the New Jersey Nets. Kim’s decision to go for a quickie divorce after an $18 million blowout wedding touched off a huge backlash....