Robert Pattinson Fears He'll Be Like Leonardo DiCaprio After 'Titanic' 2

Robert Pattinson Fears He’ll Be Like Leonardo DiCaprio After ‘Titanic’

Robert Pattinson fears he may end up like Leonardo DiCaprio now that the long-running “Twilight” saga has come to an end. It’s something he’s prepared to live with, although he now sees his career moving in a different direction. But he also acknowledged that he will never be able to fully escape the film saga. “I’m curious to see. I remember when I was doing [New Moon], I was thinking it was going to be ten years before it kind of settles....
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Downton Abbey Creators Tackle Titanic's Class System (watch!)

Julian Fellowes, creator of the hit British series “Downton Abbey,” provides a fresh look at the great Titanic disaster with a special focus on the ship’s rigid class system, from the upper decks to the depth of steerage. The four-part mini-series will portray the ship “in a way that other versions haven’t been,” Fellowes told London’s Daily Mail newspaper. Fascination with the disaster has only intensified since the wreck was found on the sea floor in 1985....