Tony Scott suicide

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Tony Scott Suicide Mystery Deepens: No Apparent Motive Found

Tony Scott's suicide is still steeped in mystery. An examination of the suicide note indicated no motive for his plunge from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in the San Pedro port district of Los Angeles. Scott, 68, left a suicide note at his office and contact information for his wife in his Toyota Prius, found parked on the bridge after he leaped almost 200 feet to his death....
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Tony Scott: Did Fear of Failure Get the Better of Him in Suicide Leap?

Tony Scott’s motive for ending his life in a meticulous, if dramatic, way by jumping off a Los Angeles bridge, is no closer to being solved. He reportedly was “burning with excitement” over several upcoming projects just days before his death. Scott, 68, reportedly met with actor Tome Cruise days before his suicide to discuss a sequel to their hit movie “Top Gun.” Tom Rothman, chairman of 20th Century Fox, said Scott was “burning with excitement” during a meeting two weeks before his death....
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Tony Scott Family Shoots Down Brain Cancer Report

Tony Scott's family rebuffed a widely reported story that the director took his life because he had brain cancer. The story originated on a usually reputable television news network ABC and was widely reported. That shifts the focus back to depression. Scott, 68, best known for directing such movies as "Top Gun," "Beverly Hills Cop II" and "Unstoppable," leaped from a Los Angeles area bridge on Sunday. He left a suicide note....
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Tony Scott Suicide May Have Been Caused by Brain Cancer Diagnosis

“Top Gun” director Tony Scott, who took his own life Sunday, may have leaped off a Los Angeles area bridge because he discovered he had inoperable brain cancer, according to unconfirmed reports. An anonymous source told ABC News the veteran director, 68, was suffering from the affliction. No other details were immediately available about the alleged illness....
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Tony Scott Suicide: Depression Most Likely Cause Behind Leap

Tony Scott, best known for directing films like "Top Gun" and the brother of Director Ridley Scott, committed suicide in dramatic fashion, jumping from a Los Angeles bridge "without hesitation," according to reports. director was working on a "Top Gun" sequel, in which Tom Cruise had signed on to star in. He had just finished filming "Out of the Furnace," with Christian Bale, as well. ...