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Jennifer Aniston's Raunchiest Film Yet Revealed in New Trailer 2

Jennifer Aniston’s Raunchiest Film Yet Revealed in New Trailer

Jennifer Aniston is at her raunchy best in a new red bad trailer for “We’re the Millers.” The queen of good-girl rom-coms plays a stripper who’s enlisted to play the mother of a fake family to help smuggle drugs out of Mexico. And, she turns it on. The new trailer provides an unvarnished look at the movie, which is rife with salty language, raunchy jokes, sexual innuendo and Jen’s highly charged strip tease. Jason Sudeikis stars as David Burke, the reluctant drug smuggler who concocts the fake family scheme, Emma Roberts as Casey, a street urchin turned daughter, and Will Poulter as Kenny, the neighborhood wimp who plays the son....