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Lindsay Lohan Tries Raunchy Comedy to Lift Movie Career (watch!)

Lindsay Lohan has been reduced to playing a caricature of herself. She pops up in the new red-band trailer for “InAPPropriate Comedy,” the Adrien Brody and Rob Schneiderman film that takes a shot a political correctness. Amid the non-stop potty jokes and racial insensitivity, Lohan appears as Marilyn Monroe from her classic 1955 film “The Seven-Year Itch.” Lindsay mostly makes fun of it. ...
Robert Pattinson's New Movie Could Put His Life in Danger 2

Robert Pattinson’s New Movie Could Put His Life in Danger

Robert Pattinson will jump right into two new movies after wrapping up promotion of “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.” One of them could put his life in danger. Yet, he can’t wait to get started filming. His upcoming film “Mission: Blacklist,” will be shot in Iraq, where conditions are tense and sectarian killings by suicide bombers are still almost an everyday occurrence. He’s also already signed on to shoot “The Rover,” an Australian western set in futuristic post-apocalyptic world.....