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Ashley Graham Exudes Sultry Classical Beauty in V Magazine (photos)

Ashley Graham evokes visions of classical nudity in a series of Rubenesque images that shatter the fashion industry’s modern-day obsession with unnaturally thin models. The 29-year-old model poses for renowned photographer Mario Testino in the latest issue of V magazine. She tells how she came to love her curves after being told for years she was “fat, ugly and not good enough.”...

Gigi Hadid Single, Again, And Working Her A*s Off! Just See Her New Photos!

Gigi Hadid is single again after dating Australian singer Cody Simpson for the past two years. Gigi is throwing herself into into her work with her hottest photo spread ever. Is this what she means by focusing on her career. Hadid, 20, and Simpson, 18, both cited their busy schedules as a reason for the break up. The two said in a statement they are committed to remaining friends and have no “hard feelings” over the split....

Rihanna an Electric Koolaid Acid Queen in V Magazine (10 Photos!)

Rihanna has sampled a range of wild looks as a fashion icon and in the new issue of V magazine, she pulls off another transformation. She dons bright neon colors and an electric blonde wig in a tribute to the psychedelic ’60s. Although the ’60s probably never looked this hot. The style maven has blazed her own path fashion-wise during her career as a singer....

What the Hell Happened to Karlie Kloss? See Her Shocking New Photos

Has Texas model Karlie Kloss joined a cult? Ok… we know she hasn’t. But she goes through a radical transformation in the new issue of V magazine and looks like she’s stepped out of Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 erotic thriller “Eyes Wide Shut.” The Taylor Swift BFF is known for natural beauty. It’s vaulted her into the top ranks of fashion models in just a few short years....

Lady Gaga Goes All the Way to Bare in V Magazine (photos!)

Lady Gaga makes Miley Cyrus look like a saint in a new photo shoot for V magazine. She’s going all out nude to promote her new album Artpop. Miley has come close but has never gone quite this far… yet. Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, is in the best shape of her life and sporting a totally new look. Gone are the over-the-top blonde wigs and outlandish costumes; ...

Rihanna, Kate Moss in Scandalous V Mag Fetish Fantasy (photos)

Rihanna and Kate Moss create enough sexual energy to light a small city; put them together in a BDSM themed photo shoot and suddenly the heavens are spitting lightning bolts. Moss, 38, is been the very definition of supermodel for more than two decades. Rihanna, 24, is the hottest, most sexually raw singer in pop. Both have been known as gender benders. But who knew that Kate has always had a fantasy about being with Rihanna? She’s definitely one of the singer’s biggest fans, and when V magazine approached her about a photo shoot, Rihanna came to mind....

Kim Kardashian Devilish in Black for V Magazine (photos!)

Kim Kardashian’s dark exotic looks never look better than when she’s wearing black. Stylists at fashion title V magazine figured that out in one of Kim’s hottest photo shoots yet. Kim may be bordering on over-exposure, between her reality shows, her divorce fight and her high-profile relationship with rapper Kanye West. But it doesn’t mean she can’t still turn it on. Still she’s gotten a lot of push back in Hollywood, where a number of A-Listers from Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner and Daniel Craig to Jonah Hill and Kristen Stewart have criticized her for her shallowness an lack of talent....
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