Wall Street

Trump Wall Street’s Guy, After All; Planned Tax Cuts for Rich Lift Stocks

Donald Trump’s election frightened investors, sending markets into a temporary tailspin. But stocks have rebounded sharply, a clear sign that he was Wall Street’s guy all along, thanks to his proposed tax cuts for the rich. His largess, however, will cost the people who elected him. He claimed they were backing Democrat Hillary Clinton as part of Washington’s “corrupt culture” of money and influence. But Trump was really their guy all along....

Brad Pitt Takes Down Wall Streeters Who Took Down Economy in ‘Big Short’

Brad Pitt zeroes in on the 2008 Wall Street banking scandal in a new trailer for his upcoming movie “The Big Short.” It tells the tale of a few outsiders who spotted fault lines in the housing market that would trigger the greatest financial collapse since the Great Depression. Pitt signed on to produce and star in the movie. Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell also star....
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