We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Taylor Swift New Single Beats Jake Gyllenhaal to Death (listen!) 6

Taylor Swift New Single Beats Jake Gyllenhaal to Death (listen!)

Taylor Swift’s new single “I Knew You Were Trouble,” looks like yet another shot at her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. She might as well dedicate her entire upcoming album “Red” to him, or give him a co-writing credit. Swift gave a preview of her third single from the album this morning on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” It’s another broken heart song like her two previous releases from the album. The first song “We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together,” was clearly pegged to the 31-year-old actor....
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Taylor Swift Gets Prickly About Men Who Fail Her in Love (photo)

When it comes to love, Taylor Swift doesn’t forgive easily. Just as ex-boyfriend John Mayer. He said he was humiliated by Swift’s song “Dear John,” but Swift doesn’t want to hear it… literally. “No! I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know,” she says in a new interview. Swift, 22, has had more than a few sour relationships. Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal come to mind. Somehow they all end up as loosely veiled protagonists in her relationship songs....
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Taylor Swift Reveals New Album, Debuts New Song (listen)

Taylor Swift took to an unusual forum to connect with fans and talk about her upcoming album, tentatively entitled Red and debut a new song. She hosted nearly a 30-minute chat on Google’s new G+ network, and never left home. “When I’m writing an album, my world becomes a big storyboard…everyone around me has the potential to be a character.” She’s got that right, just ask John Mayer....