Whitney Houston casket photo

Whitney Houston Casket Photo Mystery Unsolved After Two Years

Whitney Houston’s tragic death two years ago this month on the eve of the Grammy Awards, turned into a major tabloid scandal when a photo of her lying in her casket was published. So far the mystery of who took it remains unsolved. Some called the photo decked out in her favorite purple dress and a reported $500,000 in jewelry “beautiful.” But The National Enquirer, which has a long sordid history of publishing photos of deceased celebrities, was widely condemned....
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Bobbi Kristina Smokes Pot on College Party Video (watch!)

Bobbi Kristina Brown, who struggled emotionally after the tragic death of mother Whitney Houston, has been caught on a video taking hits from a huge bong, typically used to smoke marijuana. The minute-long clip, obtained by The National Enquirer, confirms reports that Bobbi continues to do drugs even though her mother’s death was brought on by chronic drug use...
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Whitney Houston Death Mystery Man Surfaces

Two mysteries surrounding Whitney Houston’s death may now becoming to light. New evidence suggests one man may be responsible for both puzzle pieces, including the origin of Houston’s casket photo. Raffles van Exel, a celebrity consultant, surfaced today, after he gave an interview to a Dutch publication claiming he was at the Beverly Hilton Hotel when Houston died Feb. 11, and that he removed items from the room....
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Carolyn Whigham Threatened Over Whitney Houston Casket Photo

Carolyn Whigham, owner of the funeral home where Whitney Houston's viewing was held, is reportedly "devastated" someone snapped a photo of her in her coffin and sold it to a tabloid newspaper. The blame game has been underway ever since The National Enquirer published the photo of Houston in an open coffin. Speculation has ranged from a close family member and funeral home employee, to even her mentor Clive Davis....
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Whitney Houston Casket Photo Condemned, Called Beautiful

National Enquirer publisher Mary Beth Wright called the photo of Whitney Houston in her coffin "beautiful," but the tabloid newspaper faced widespread condemnation from other media outlets and the public-- even as they couldn't avert their eyes from the image. Among other things, The Enquirer introduced a whole new generation of Americans to the kind of bare-knuckle journalism that existed at the dawn of the tabloid era in the 1970s....
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Did Bobby Brown Sis Sell Whitney Houston Casket Photo?

Whitney Houston looks at peace and quite regal in her final photo laying in her casket. The photo was apparently taken at the private family-only viewing and sold to The National Enquirer. But who would do such a thing? Publishing photos of celebrities lying dead in their caskets is a time-honored tabloid tradition. Elvis Presley was subjected to the same treatment when he died in 1977....
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