Yes Please

Amy Poehler's New Book, 'Yes Please' Trashed by New York Times; Ouch! 2

Amy Poehler’s New Book, ‘Yes Please’ Trashed by New York Times; Ouch!

Amy Poehler, following in the footsteps of SNL castmate Tina Fey, has written a book about her reaction to life’s little idiosyncrasies, but unlike Fey’s well-received tome, her work has just been trashed by the influential New York Times. Poehler is part of the smart, sophisticated set of actresses who are not only funny, but supposedly wizened about all things pertaining to life. The list would also include Lena Dunham, the 28-year-old self-avowed feminist and creator of her own hit HBO show, “Girls.” So why not a book?...