R. B. Stuart

Philip Seymour Hoffman Death Evokes Other Tragic Heroin Stories

Watching my sister become an addict after her introduction to methamphetamines and cocaine at the age of 16 by a hustler pimp ten years her senior, I knew that if she couldn’t be persuaded into becoming a prostitute sober–then being high, she would be. By becoming the source of what made her feel euphoric–and needing the mighty dollar to buy the drugs that made them both feel unstoppable and immortal–he convinced her she needed to go to work in Boston’s Combat Zone as a nude model....
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Huffington Post 'Slave' Writers in Revolt Over AOL Sale

As a contributor to The Huffington Post since 2008, I have posted 25 original articles that I value at more than $25,000, for free. So eager to have a platform for my stories about U. S. soldiers returning from Iraq with Cancer, I didn't ask for payment; I merely handed over the 20 to 30 hours of reporting on each piece gratis....
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