Beyonce Fifth Studio Album Videos: See All 17!!

Jealous: Beyonce looks contemplative in a luxurious setting before she parties with girlfriends. But her mind is elsewhere in this ballad about an errant lover.

Beyonce Music Extravaganza: Her Fifth Studio Album Videos

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Ghost: Beyonce appears in flawless close up in a flowing black gown and mesh top, showcasing her abs.

Blow: Beyonce wears a tiger print coat in a psychedelic display that unfolds in a roller disco. The girls skate in hotpants.

Mine: Beyonce strikes a Biblical pose from Michelangelo’s Mary With Christ before the scene cuts to a wild dance scene on the beach at night. Drake is featured in the uptempo video.

Jealous: Beyonce looks contemplative in a luxurious setting before she parties with girlfriends. But her mind is elsewhere in this ballad about an errant lover.

Drunk in Love: Beyonce is back on the beach dressed like a harem vixen in a high-concept black and white video. She dances on the beach in Brazil and husband Jay-Z is featured.

Rocket: Another black-and-white video that features slow motion close-ups of Beyonce in skimpy underwear as she gets orgasmic on her bed.

Flawless: Beyonce is a home girl in hot pants and a plaid shirt, dancing in a graffiti-filled alley in a Rio barrio. She showcases her dance moves and her fly girl street cred.

No Angel: Beyonce flashes some bling in a white fur jacket in this tribute to ghetto bad boys. The video was shot in her hometown of Houston and she gives a leg up to some homegrown Texas hip hop playas.

Heaven: Beyonce is shown celebrating the good life before the scene cuts to a cemetery and she’s seen in mourning for a lover in this haunting emotional ballad. The video flashbacks to good times to help Beyonce get through the bad times.

Yoncé: Beyonce sells the sizzle as her new alter-ego, Yonce. Bey joins models Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls who strike defiant, but sexy poses in high-fashion and gangsta’ bling.

Partition: Beyonce strips down and rivals her younger protege Rihanna in a racy stripper-influence video. She writhes on stage in a barely there costume and cage dances for hubbie Jay-Z.

Superpower: Beyonce returns to her R&B roots with her Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Beyonce leads a street gang in a scene mildly reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s video for “Beat It.” The street violence is disturbing.

XO: New York City’s famed seedy amusement park, Coney Island is the backdrop for this uptempo tun. Beyonce is all about having a good time on the world famous roller coaster as she struts down the boardwalk with a posse of friends.

Blue: Beyonce embraces motherhood as only a superstar singer can with a touching tribute to daughter Blue Ivy. Lots of lush romantic scenes from Rio.

Haunted: Beyonce goes Art Deco with a ’30s glam look, featuring a short blonde bob. She channels Josephine Baker in a sexy, decadent collage of scantily clad dancers in a lavish production.

Pretty Hurts: Beyonce plays a troubled beauty contestant feeling the pressure to be the idealized woman no matter what it costs, even if it comes to drugs an diet pill. The video is set in her hometown of Houston.

Grown Woman: Beyonce parties like its 1977 in this throwback tribute to early pop videos. The video features analog special effects and Beyonce twerking. Look for mom, Tina; she makes a cameo appearance.