DalmoreThe Dalmore Distillery joins The Oak Room bar in the fabulous Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue next to Central Park to sooth holiday shopping nerves on Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving, the biggest holiday shopping day of the year.

Black Friday shopping can be brutal. The past few years have brought stories of department store employees being trampled to death!

But never fear, The Oak Room, just minutes from the most famous shopping area in the world, together with The Dalmore Distillery are providing shoppers with a free dram of The Dalmore Gran Reserva single malt scotch whiskey.

The Dalmore Gran Reserva is perfect for soothing your aching bones, helping you forget how much you just spent, and even gearing you up for the holiday rush.

This prized single malt whiskey boasts heady aromas like golden mahogany and orange marmalade from aging in oloroso sherry wood and American white oak barrels.

The complimentary dram is paired with Chef Eric Hara’s refined snacks like black truffle lobster tacos, short rib dumplings with mole, squid ink and quail yolk ravioli in shellfish consommé and mini-sliders on pumpernickel buns ($16).