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Selena Gomez Gets New Tattoo: It's All in the Numbers (photos!) 2

Selena Gomez Gets New Tattoo: It’s All in the Numbers (photos!)

Selena Gomez is a little behind inking up her body like contemporaries like Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Justin Bieber, but she apparently just one tiny tat isn’t enough. So she got another. She proudly showed off the inking, not too dramatic mind you. It’s the Roman numbera LXXVI tattooed on the back of her neck just below the hairline. The photo was posted by the New York City tattoo artist, Bang, Bang, on his Facebook page. The number, 76 in Arabic, is said to have significance beause it represents a beloved family member. She was reportedly turned on to the place by “Spring Breakers” co-star Vanessa Hudgens....
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Robert Pattinson UK's Sexiest Man! Kristen Stewart Kick Yourself!

Robert Pattinson may be damaged goods after getting cuckolded by girlfriend Kristen Stewart, but in the eyes readers of at least one UK magazine, he is still the sexiest man alive. The British actor, 26, who was blindsided by Stewart’s affair with “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders in July, was tapped by the UK edition of Glamour magazine. More than 40,000 people voted in the poll and chose Pattinson for the fourth year running over such beefcakes as English film and television Tom Hiddleston, 31, who made the list for the first time and finished second....
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart: Loopiest Reunion Story Yet 4

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart: Loopiest Reunion Story Yet

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have agreed to a no-sex pact to save their relationship. Ha! The “Twilight” duo are tabloid gold and there is no end to the stories sleazier publications will make up to capture the attention of their fans. A report out of Great Britain is the latest to play off their reunion in the wake Stewart’s cheating scandal with “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders. London tabloid The Mirror claims the Rob and Kristen have hired a top Hollywood psychiatrist to help them mend their relationship. Not only that, but it claims to know what the shrink is advising them....
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Trouble in Miley Cyrus-ville: Is Liam Hemsworth Fed Up With Her?

Miley Cyrus’s steam of consciousness tweets have been a staple of the social media site almost since it started. But is her habit of over-disclosing really irking finacé Liam Hemsworth? Miley has been a force unto herself ever since she posed at 15 for a semi-nude photo in Vanity Fair magazine. She’s always worn her feelings on her sleeve and getting engaged to Hemsworth hasn’t changed her. But tabloids are now reporting that the Hunger Games actor wants her to tone down her Twitter rants and stop discussing their relationship with the public. The reported trigger was her latest post: “Why do I torture myself and what ps I love you. ahhhhhh. I have got to pull it together.”...
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Arnold Admits Sex With Starlet While Living With Maria Shriver

Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he cheated on wife Maria Shriver even while the two were dating before their marriage. The only thing is, sex partner Brigitte Nielsen talked first. The Terminator star discusses the affair in the no-holds-barred book, “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.” But last year, Nielsen, revealed the 1985 affair with him. It happened during the making of their movie, “Red Sonja.” At the time of her revelation, Arnold’s marriage to Maria Shriver was disintegrating....
Kate Middleton Fully Nude, Despite Danish Magazine Denial 6

Kate Middleton Fully Nude, Despite Danish Magazine Denial

Kate Middleton appears full-frontal nude in a Danish magazine, even though the editor of the publication Se og Hør is now backtracking, claiming photos of Kate without her bikini bottom were not published. The proof, however, is in print. Editor-in-chief of Kim Henningsen re-ignited the uproar with claims magazine would not publish the Duchess of Cambridge without her bikini bottoms on. The photos were published last Thursday, and the magazine editor said other publications in Germany and Belgium had published some of the photos as well. The images showing Kate topless were previously published in French magazine Closer and an Irish magazine....
Crazy Robert Pattinson Fan Gets Slobbery Souvenier  8

Crazy Robert Pattinson Fan Gets Slobbery Souvenier

Robert Pattinson has had some strange fan encounters ever since the “Twilight” film franchise vaulted him to international fame. Legions of girls swoon for him and some would do almost anything to get a piece of him. And one did, sort of. Pattinson, 26, was chowing down at the famed celebrity hangout Chateau Marmont (so much for wanting to remain incognito), doing his best to remain unobserved. He was wearing pulled over his face a black baseball cap. Unfortunately ex-girlfiend Kristen Stewart still has his fave Orioles hat, so it wasn’t that one. Nonetheless, a woman described in her mid-20s by gossip columnist Mike Walker figured out who he was....
Kate Middleton Shockingly Indiscreet in New Topless Photos 10

Kate Middleton Shockingly Indiscreet in New Topless Photos

Kate Middleton was shockingly indiscrete while sunbathing topless at the sprawling French estate of her uncle. She undressed and was fully nude, even though she had to know radom people had a clear view of her at the time, according to new photos. Some of the photos, including one showing the Duchess of Cambridge in full-frontal nudity were publised by Danish gossip magazine Se og Hør ( translation See & Hear). Although the publication did not post the photos online, scans of its magazine have made their way to the Web and reveal the shocking photos. The magazine published 60 photos out of 240 that it viewed, according to editor-in-chief Carina Loefkvist....
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Brooke Shields Furious Over Pot Smoking Twitter Photo (See It)

Brooke Shields was a child star who grew up in the maelstrom of the 1970s and 1980s, and a photo that popped up on Twitter yesterday that shows she was a free-sprited teen who knew how to handle a marijuana pipe. But is it really her? Shields, 47, express anger today (Sept. 28) at the photo and insisted the woman hitting a pot pipe sitting next to a man identified as H.R, front man for punk band Bad Brains is not her. Shields grew up in Hollywood and caused an uproar in 1978 when she played a child prostitute in the movie “Pretty Baby.” She was 13 at the time....
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Kristen Stewart to Robert Pattinson: No Rupert Sanders Sex; Believe It?

Kristen Stewart reportedly told Robert Pattinson that she and “Snow White and the Huntsman” Director Rupert Sanders stop short of having sex, during their affair, which was limited to heavy petting. The claim is being cited as one of the reasons that Pattinson has taken back Stewart after moving out on her when he learned of her cheating scandal through a tabloid report back in July. But the story, reported by gossip site radaronline, citing an unnamed “source” is not new. Giovanni Agnelli, a producer of Stewart’s movie “Welcome to the Rileys,” made the same claim back in July in a series of bizarre twitter rants....
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Actor Johnny Lewis May Have Been High on Deadly Designer Drug

Actor Johnny Lewis who went berzerk and killed his 81-year-old landlord, beat three others and died in a fall from a rooftop, either by accident or suicide, may have been taking a relatively new designer drug that causes hallucinations. It will take an autopsy and toxicology tests to determine, what if anything, Lewis was on when he went on his bizarre spree on Wednesday (Sept. 27) in the posh Loz Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Police sources say investigators are trying to determine whether Lewis may have been under the influence of a drug known as C2-I. It’s a a new designer drug and may not be currently legal. On the street, it is known as “smiles.” It’s said to be hallucinogenic, like LSD....
Ashley Greene, Jennifer Garner Like 'Butter' at NYC Event 12

Ashley Greene, Jennifer Garner Like ‘Butter’ at NYC Event

Actresses Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, and Ashley Greene joked about the intricacies of butter carving during a press conference to promote their new film, “Butter,” at SoHo’s Crosby Street Hotel in NYC on Sept. 27. When asked why they agreed to the quirky indie film, Garner, 40, Wilde, 28, and Greene, 25, all cited the unusual and interesting storyline. The film, which was directed by British filmmaker Jim Field Smith and written by Jason A. Micallef, explores the theme of suburban angst in the Midwest set against the backdrop of a butter-carving competition....
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Andy Williams, Ageless Crooner With Smooth Style, Dies

Andy Williams, who delighted millions with his soothing voice, casual style and dreamy songs like “Moon River,” has died at 84, following a year-long battle with bladder cancer. Williams’ career took off in 1954, after he became a regular singer on the “Tonight” show then hosted by Steve Allen. During that time, he recorded such hits as “Canadian Sunset,” “Butterfly,” “Are You Sincere,” “Hawaiian Wedding Song” and “The Village of St. Bernadette.”...
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Danish Magazine Dredges Up More Photos of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton still isn’t getting any breaks from European magazines. Publications in Belgium and Germany have also published topless photos of her taken in France and a Dutch magazine has even gone so far as to dredge of photos of her from college. Carina Loefkvist, editor-in-chief of Danish gossip magazine Se og Hør ( translation See & Hear) published topless photos last week after buying them from “from photographers and photo agencies.” This week, the Duchess of Cambridge was the target of another low blow by the magazine....
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Robert Pattinson Partied Without Kristen Stewart Over Weekend

If Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back together again, it was hard to tell during the Emmys. Rob did some serious partying before and after the show, but Stewart was no where in sight. Pattinson, 26, may have been sending a not-so-subtle message that a number of reports that he had reunited with his Twilight co-star were not accurate. There’s no reason to keep the relationship on the down-low now that she has professed her love for him in her apology following her cheating scandal with “Snow White and the Huntsman Director” Rupert Sanders....
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