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Jimmy Fallon Emerges From Mist as Donald Trump in Hilarious Skit (see!)

Jimmy Fallon did a hilarious take on Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention last night on the “Tonight Show.” He emerged from the mist on stage just like the Donald, with a little Michael Jackson thrown in. Fallon has been doing spot-on Trump impersonations throughout the campaign. In fact, he’s become the Tina Fey of Trump impersonators. He captures The Donald’s essence as well as Fey’s Sarah Palin....

Stephen Colbert Goes Deep Off Grid to Find Jon Stewart for Late Show (see!)

Stephen Colbert traveled deep “off grid” to dig up Jon Stewart last night on the “Late Show.” Colbert was looking for someone to explain how Trump became the Republican presidential nominee. “That guy?” Stewart exclaimed. Colbert was clearly facing a dilemma on the show. “How can we guess what will happen, when we can begin to explain how we got here,” he said....

Ted Cruz Reveals Inner Self on (Where Else?) SNL Church Chat (see!)

Ted Cruz portrayed himself as the most god fearing Republican candidate. Inside he was an irascible, philandering scamp who sexually harassed women in college. But his true nature actually goes deeper than that, according to “SNL’s” Church Lady. Dana Carvey made a hilarious return to the late night sketch comedy shows to reprise one of his signature characters. ...

Holy Brass Balls! Johnny Depp IS Donald Trump in Video Spoof (watch!)

Johnny Depp is know for creating memorable movie characters, but his portrayal of Donald Trump in a new video spoof by comedy site Funny or Die is one for the record books. He is Donald, right down to the mogul’s brass balls! Depp appears in the movie trailer with an all-star cast that includes Michaela Watkins as ex-wife Ivanka Trump. “Happy Days” star and Howard pal, Henry Winkler, Patton Oswalt, Alfred Molina, Andy Richter, Jack McBrayer, Jacob Tremblay, Stephen Merchant and Paul Scheer....

Larry David Gives SNL Political Punch With Bernie Sanders Skits (watch!)

Larry David, this week’s “Saturday Night Live” guest host, gave the show some political punch with his uproarious Bernie Sanders impersonation. He does a take-off of his own HBO show–with a twist–and plays a plutocrat on a sinking ship opposite Sanders himself. Feel the Bern! Sanders, the curmudgeonly Vermont Senator with stooped shoulders and grey hair, is tailor-made for David’s comedic skills. ...

Jimmy Kimmel ISIS Pay Crunch Spoof Questionable in Taste (Watch!)

Jimmy Kimmel has found a fix for ISIS terrorists who are barely making ends meet after their exalted caliphate cut pay in half. He spoofs their predicament with an add for career re-training, but it’s in questionable taste given the group’s barbaric murders. U.S. air raids on their money-making ventures, like bootleg oil, have hit the group hard....
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