Emily Ratajkowski Swims in Her Sexuality

EmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-13

Emily Ratajkowski’s last campaign adds the sizzle to Inamorata Swim’s latest line. The 27-year-old actress and model makes no apologies for expressing her sexuality, much to the chagrin of diehard feminists.

(Photo: Inamorata Swim)

Emily Ratajkowski Swims for Inamorata (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
EmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-06 ThumbEmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-05 ThumbEmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-04 ThumbEmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-03 ThumbEmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-02 ThumbEmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-01 ThumbEmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-12 ThumbEmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-11 ThumbEmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-10 ThumbEmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-09 ThumbEmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-08 ThumbEmilyRatajkowski-InamorataSwim-Nov 2018-07 Thumb
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