sexyCPRLeave it to the those clever Canadians to shamelessly exploit sex for commercial purposes — and still get across a public service message about cardiopulmonary resuscitation, better known as CPR. But then, Fortnight lingerie claims to be different, eh?

The company boasts that its lingerie is handmade, combining “strong, sexy aesthetics with highly tailored sizing to create pieces that are both luxurious and versatile.”

“Each piece is designed to make your body and wardrobe look its best by mixing clean lines with discreet detailing in sizes that actually fit,” the company says.

Of course, that message would never get across without two beautiful models in Fortnight underwear, one seemingly passed out and the other performing the most erotic CPR in recent memory. High School health class was never like this.

Those sly Cannucks are also racking up hundreds of thousands of views of their hot commercial at home and in the UK.

The also take a shot at assembly line North American manufacturers that only make lingerie in standard 34 to 38, A-D bra sizes.

“This only covers 30 percent of all sizes, forcing many of us to wear bras that are unsupportive and uncomfortable,” the company, apparently female, states. Ouch!

Warning! This is lingerie for the “free-spirited,” the company adds. It’s “for women who love luxury, embrace fashion and appreciate quality in every aspect of their lives.”

Check out the video and some hot lingerie models. Also check out the phone! Shades of the 1980s!