Jennifer Lawrence PhotoShopped  before and after.

Jennifer Lawrence PhotoShopped before and after.

Jennifer Lawrence was refreshingly honest about her chic new photo spread for Dior, her first major fashion brand. She took one look at them and expressed surprise. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed. “I haven’t seen these.”

She was even more surprised after she took one look at them. “That doesn’t look like me at all,” she added.

Access Hollywood’s ever sycophantic host Billy Bush, who showed her the photos backstage at the Oscars, was even more surprised.

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“I love PhotoShop more than anything in the world,” Lawrence added, apparently because she looked like a porcelain doll in the photos.

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Billy tried to counter with a compliment: “I don’t think that’s PhotoShop. That’s you,” he said.

But Lawrence wasn’t having it. “Of course it’s PhotoShop. I don’t look like that,” she said.

And, she’s right as TheImproper reported last week when it first published the stunning photos. The photos have been digitally altered so much, she’s almost been changed into another person.

Christian Dior announced its deal with Lawrence last October for its new Miss Dior handbag line. It was a savvy move, given all of Lawrence’s red carpet time for her recent film work during awards season in Hollywood.

She wore Dior fashions exclusively in a slew of public appearances, including the Oscars.

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Photographer Willy Vanderperre captured Lawrence with a chain-handled Miss Dior bag and designs from Dior’s spring ready-to-wear collection, the first by new designer Raf Simons.

The ads will be published in magazines starting this month.

As for digitally altered images, it’s a major problem in the fashion industry that shows little signs of abating, despite reams of publicity about how much it is overused. Critics say it creates problems involving body image among women, some of whom try to emulate looks that don’t exist in real life.

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