madonnaLuzMadonna’s boyfriend du jour, Jesus Luz, was plucked from obscurity when the Material Girl took a fancy to him during a photo shoot in Brazil. But what happens if the love dies? Luz is trying to see to it that his rapid rise isn’t followed by a just-as-rapid descent, should that eventuality one day arise.

He gets a star turn in Sunday’s New York Times, which raises the very same question. “Life has changed so fast for Mr. Luz, it is not surprising that not everyone in his orbit knows how to pronounce Jesus in the proper Portuguese way,’ the newspaper notes.

Indeed, Luz in short order has gone from a $500 a day model in Brazil to a catwalker for the Ford modeling agency in New York. He recently appeared on the runway for Dolce & Gabbana in Milan. He’s also taking lessons to become a DJ, and despite his inexperience, he’s already commanding up to $15,000 an appearance.


Clearly, as Madonna’s boyfriend, he is an attraction in his own right. And who knows, maybe even Madonna will show up at a club  to urge on her boy. Just the chance that Madonna might show up calculates into pure gold for club owners.

“I love the energy of the crowd,” he told the Times. “It’s good to have two careers going on, modeling and I feel good.”

The reality, though, is that he is just one in a string of unknown boy toys who have caught Madonna’s fancy over the years, and briefly basked in the reflected glow of her pop-essence.

Carlos Leon, was her personal trainer and lover who fathered her first child. Jellybean Benitez remixed songs for her when they hooked up in the 1980s. In between Madonna also  hooked up  with Yankee great Alex Rodriquez, although it was said to be platonic. And of course, Madonna was married to actor Sean Penn and UK director Guy Ritchie.

In fact, Luz was Madonna’s rebound guy after she and Ritchie split in a bitter divorce, in which he criticized her love-making skills and called her “sinewy.”

One month after the split was official, Madonna was in the arms of her 22-year-old lover, even though at 51, she is older than Luz’s mother. But love knows no bounds… until the next boy toy comes along.

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