Kate Moss tackles Fifty Shades of Grey for charity.

Kate Moss tackles Fifty Shades of Grey for charity.

Kate Moss usually lets her body do the talking, but she agreed to read a passage from erotic novel “Fifty Shades Gray,” to help raise money for Comic Relief. And, her voice is just as sexy as you might imagine.

The legendary supermodel acknowledged that she rarely talks, which isn’t so surprising because her body is usually the object of attention.

Between her cockney English accent and years of chain-smoking and drinking, she’s got a deep raspy voice that raises the hair on your neck when she speaks.

The charity event was held by BBC Radio One. Kate agreed to read from the book, which delves into sado-masochism, if the radio station was able to raise 200,000 British pounds.

“What we asked was, if we raised 200,000 pounds we would get infamous supermodel Kate Moss to open that mouth of hers and talk to the world,” said DJ Nick Grimshaw.

Kate admitted she was “very nervous.”

“You’re basically doing your own life,” said Grimshaw joked.

“I know; it’s weird,” said Kate.

The novel by British author E. L. James is about a deepening relationship between between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey.

It caused a stir and became a best seller because it contains explicitly erotic passages, that intellectualized bondage-discipline, dominance-submission and sadism-masochism. Nonetheless, it’s sold 65 million copies around the world.

Kate reads one of the tamer passages, but sexually charges it with where smoky voice and her excellent pacing and emphasis. Watch what happens when she’s through. It’s hilarious!!!

Footnote: The show raised more than 300,000 pounds for the UK charity.

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