Kerr2-frontModel Miranda Kerr is quickly becoming one of the most photographed models of the year. A new set of photos is going viral on the Internet that takes her sexuality to a whole new level.

Surprisingly, she caused an uproar in the UK back in October when she appeared to be “shockingly” thin in a UK photo shoot. But Kerr hasn’t let the brouhaha phase her.

In the latest series of photos, she poses in a Catholic school girl fantasy for Numéro, a French magazine that describes itself as an avant garde fashion book.

Photographer Greg Kadel shot the spread and took inspiration from Catholic school, nuns and schoolgirls.

Although the shoot is heavy on fetishes, Kerr reps for Burberry, Dolce & Gabanna and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Patti Wilson, handled the styling for La Mauvaise Éducation, and wasn’t shy about pushing all the buttons that make up a Catholic school girl fantasy — namely sex, blasphemy and fashion.

Kerr became an Internet sensation — of another sort — earlier this year, when a stock broker in Sydney, Australia, was caught in the background of a trading floor television interview looking at her photos online.

While a colleague addressed the latest market developments, he could be seen perusing online photos of Kerr in lingerie from the Victoria’s Secret catalog. The video has logged more than four million views on YouTube.

Kerr was amused by the episode.

“It was a huge deal,” Kerr, 27, told GQ magazine. “I wasn’t offended. I just felt sorry for the poor guy.”

Fortunately, he got to keep his job.

Kerr breaks a few taboos in the latest photo series, including seducing her nun teacher.

Check out her safe for work video and photos.

Check out Miranda’s photos. Click to supersize.

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