Candice Swanepoel and Barbara Palvin are two of Victoria's Secret's hottest models. But who's hotter?

Candice Swanepoel and Barbara Palvin are two of Victoria’s Secret’s hottest models. But who’s hotter?

Victoria’s Secret models Candice Swanepoel and Barbara Palvin are separated by a fine line. Both are drop-dead gorgeous. But the fashion brand made it impossible to avoid comparisons when it dressed both in substantially the same lingerie. Soo… who’s hottest?

Swanepoel was spotted in a South African flea market when she was 15. Now, nine years later, the 24-year-old is an undisputed supermodel.

Her Barbie-esque looks, blond hair and statuesque five-foot, nine-inch frame have made her a standout on runways and editorial features. This year, she was named the cover model of the coveted Victoria’s Secret Swim catalog.

Palvin was also discovered young, at 13, on the streets of Budapest in her native Hungary. Now 19, she’s the young upstart in the Victoria’s Secret stable.

She was thrust into tabloid headlines last year when she was spotted out with Justin Bieber after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City.

But she handled the spotlight well and made clear they were only acquaintances. She actually seemed way too cool for him. And, Justin was still seeing Selena Gomez.

Barbara is equal in height to Candice at five-feet, nine-inches tall, but her look is markedly different. She has lush brunette hair and her eyes are larger and darker. She also has a much more coquettish pout.

So… we have to ask again: Who’s the hottest? Check out their photos, let us know and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest fashion updates.

Candice Swanepoel, Barbara Palvin in VS Lingerie