Lara-StoneShapely Dutch model Lara Stone has ended Madonna’s reign as the face and body of Louis Vutton, although she wore the crown well for two seasons. Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs apparently wanted a younger fresher image; after all, Stone at 25, is half Madonna’s age.

“To model the clothes, we wanted a modern, iconic, sexy beauty… It had to be Lara Stone,” Jacobs said in a recent interview. Ouch! Sorry, Madonna.

Madonna, Louis Vutton campaign

Madonna, Louis Vutton campaign

In the difficult economy, which has ravaged the fashion industry, money may also have been a motivating factor. The 51-year-old singer, an iconic sexy beauty for more than 20 years, signed a deal with Vutton in 2008 worth a reported $10 million.

Stone is no cold-water flat girl, however. Forbe’s magazine ranked her as the highest paid model for 2009.

Lara is known for her voluptuous shape, her girlish, angular face and trademark gap between her front teeth. The 5-foot 10-inch Dutch model, who is also known for her size 7 feet, compared with an 8 to 10 shoe size for most runway models, was also proclaimed the most wanted face in modeling by fashion industry title W magazine.

“After two seasons with such a huge star, Marc decided to take a breather and work with a model — and not just any model. It’s the choice of a new supermodel,” said Antoine Arnault, Vuitton’s communication director.

Her first campaign will be unveiled in February. “She clearly has a Brigitte Bardot look,” he said.

He described the six visuals as fresh, summery, whimsical, young and optimistic — and hopefully coinciding with brighter economic times.

The first spots highlight the Artsy, an unstructured shoulder bag in Monogram canvas, followed by runway styles in sun-bleached denim, some dangling fox-fur charms, according to W.

The fashion spots will run in tandem with Vuitton’s “core values” campaign highlighting its travel roots. The campaign will also match geezers Sean Connery and astronaut Buzz Aldrin with the hot young model, so there is still something to say for age.

Dutch photographer Desiree Dolron shot the series, which is supposd to be reminiscent of Johannes Vermeer’s painting “Girl With a Pearl Earring,” which is so enigmatic it inspired a movie starring Scarlett Johansson.

As for Stone, she recently told the UK edition of Elle that she toning up will be her goal for 2010.

Lara’s workout includes Pilates every morning and then cardio/weight training in the gym.

“I don’t want to be the fat one anymore,” she said. “I have just started doing pilates every morning, then going to the gym, running and swimming. But it’s not all hard work,” she said. “I make sure to relax in the sauna after exercising.”

Stone is dating David Walliams, an English comedian, writer and actor, who appears on the UK sketch show “Little Britain” and its predecessor “Rock Profile.”

She recently was featured on the cover of Vogue magazine, and is now covering Love magazine, in a fetching Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott photo.

There is one thing that Stone does at 25, that Madonna probably would not do at 51; she frequently sheds her clothes for fashion spreads. In fact, some of her best modeling work has been in the nude.