Dita Von Teese is thoroughly American. But she’s adored in Europe, where her retro 1940s Hollywood style, risqué burlesque act and fetish modeling keep her in the headlines. She puts all her skills on display in a new ad for Perrier.

She began performing burlesque in 1993, and includes a large martini glass in her performances. But the green Perrier bottle is her co-star. She literally soaks herself in the fizzy water.

The burlesque dancer reps the brand and hosts her own Perrier Web site.

Teese is probably best known for marrying shock singer Marilyn Manson; they started dating in 2001, married in 2005 and divorced a year later.

According to one popular biography, she is fascinated by 1940s Hollywood cinema, and says her style is largely inspired by the stars of that era, such as Betty Grable, and pin-up model Bettie Page.

The ad opens with a shot of a door to a mansion. Inside, viewers see two doors. One on the left is marked “the dark room.”

But the door on the right takes you to Dita’s inner lair, as Von Teese plays an unusual game of dice.

The Michigan native has appeared on the covers of fetish magazines and Playboy, as well as mainstream fashion magazines. She also has modeled, appeared music videos and done some acting.

She splits her time between Hollywood and Paris and is reported to be dating a French aristocrat.