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Audrina Patridge Makes Bongo Go Boing in Sexy Photos

All photos by Tony Duran for Bongo

Audrina Patridge’s 15 minutes of fame won’t be ending with the final episode of MTV’s “The Hills.” She’s extending her time by modeling the Autumn 2010 line for Bongo. Bingo!  Check out her photos!

The designer of denimwear has picked the 25-year-old reality star as the face for its figure-hugging black jeans and other clothes sold through K-Mart and Sears.

“Generations of women, including my mom and sisters, have loved this iconic brand. And it’s exciting to be a part of something that is so classically cool, American,” said Patridge in a statemen.

Audrina easily segued into the role, at least judging by her photos. In one shot she wears a denim black crop top without bra that shows off just enough of her body to keep it street legal.

Patridge is also slated to cover the September issues of Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue and Seventeen magazines.

And she’s landed a role in the upcoming film “Honey 2.” She plays a dance competition judge and will surly get so show off her sexy body.

Check out Audrina’s photos. Click to enlarge.

“I love dance movies and I was a huge fan of ‘Step Up.’ It makes you want to get out there and dance with them,” she said.

On The Hills, Audrina dated singer Ryan Cabrera, but she confessed that she is actually dating someone else in real life. Hey, wasn’t The Hills supposed to be real? Ha!

“I am with somebody else,” Patridge said. “I’m with Corey. He’s always been in the background. He’s always been my one true love.”

Audrina also revealed on the Red Carpet at last night’s Hills wrap party that she has a reality show in the works that will include members of her family.

“It’s real insight into my life,” she told MTV. “I’m a little scared [to have my family on the show]. It’s really hard to let that sink in, but we’re really close. I’m really goofy. I ramble a lot. I don’t always have blank stares.”

With photos like these, blank stares will be the least of her worries.

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