Nina Agdal warms up a hot rod in Denmark's Cover magazine for its special "Man" issue.

Nina Agdal warms up a hot rod in Denmark’s Cover magazine for its special “Man” issue.

Nina Agdal, the stunning Danish fashion model, adds some extra sex appeal to a couple of classic cars in a topless photo spread for Denmark’s Cover magazine. She’ll keep more than one motor running on a cold Nordic night.

Agdal, 21, is one of the fastest rising young models and she has a penchant for attracting celebrity suitors.

She briefly dated Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and more recently has been linked with The Wanted boybander Max George. While her breakup with Levine was brutal, George says he’s head over heels in love with her.

In the Cover photoshoot for its “Man” issue, Nina doffs her top and strips down to her panties, but keeps her modesty with some strategically placed hands and arms. Still, she’s naked enough to redefine the meaning of drag strip.

Nina Agdal Hot Rods in Cover Mag
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Nina’s career is skyrocketing. She was one of the top contenders for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover and is a regular on the runway and in fashion spreads for Victoria’s Secret.

She’s also conscious about body image. While she is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, she also wants young girls to see her as someone who deals with the same issues as them.

“You shouldn’t tell skinny girls to lose weight because it hurts. It hurts no matter who you are and how skinny you are or how big you are. If somebody tells you to lose weight, it is like a punch in the face,” she says.

She probably won’t be having that problem anytime soon.

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