Jennifer Lawrence poses in white in a new fashion spread in InStyle magazine.

Jennifer Lawrence poses in white in a new fashion spread in InStyle magazine.

Jennifer Lawrence takes another stop closer to becoming a major fashion icon with a new photo spread in InStyle magazine. The Oscar winner and “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” star looks stunning outfitted in pure white fashions.

Lawrence, 23, has been on the fast track to movie stardom ever since her breakout role in 2010’s “Winter’s Bone.”

“The Hunger Games,” however, have put her on the map. The latest film, part 2 in the Hunger Games trilogy, hit theaters this weekend and is expected to break box office records.

Lawrence went on a multi-country tour to promote the film at premieres and became a fashion tour de force, exhibiting a different look in cities like Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Paris and London, Los Angeles and New York. She pulled off each one with aplomb.

Jennifer Lawrence Sexy in Winter White
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Yet, she doesn’t really see herself as a sex symbol. “I don’t see, feel or experience any of that. I don’t think about it. And nobody’s hitting on me. And that’s okay. It’s really fine,” she says.

Having grown up with brothers, she knows just how fickle men can be.

“Having brothers turned me into a ‘male sympathist’ (whatever that is),” she says. “I get where guys are coming from.

“If a girlfriend says to me, ‘He went to Paris and didn’t call me,’ I’m like, he went to Paris! If it was my brother, I’d tell him not to call, just have fun.”

For her photo shoot, she wore a Marc Jacobs mink fur coat (watch out for PETA!), a Proenza Schouler wool dress, a stunning Dior Haute Couture gown, an Alexander McQueen embossed crepe dress over a cotton poplin skirt and Celine dress made from Alpaca wool. All are white.

The high-fashion shoot features her with shorter hair, but before her short pixie-cut.

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