Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez has reportedly given up on her diva behavior and is focused on rebuilding her career, even if her main interest right now seems to be singing about shoes.

lopezCoversmallLopez, who is 40 and the mother of twins Emme and Max in February 2008, is reportedly all business these days and intent on “reclaiming the spotlight.” She posed for her recent Allure magazine photo shoot with photographer Michael Thompson at Lux Studio in New York City.

She’ll grace the cover of the upcoming issue, and as these exclusive outtakes attest, she has been working hard to get back to business – without the diva demands for rooms full of white flowers.

She did a recent turn on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and sang the new single from her upcoming album Love?.

Lopez’s seventh studio album due early next year, and she is also is due to appear in a romantic comedy called “The Back-Up Plan.” Directed by Alan Poul, with Danneel Harris and  Eric Christian Olsen, it’s about a woman who has twins.

It’s her first movie in three years. “I’m always trying to get [husband] Marc [Anthony] to watch with me, and he’s just all about, like, documentaries and solving who the killer is in those cop shows,” she says.

The first single from her new album has drawn some snarky comments, because of  its title, “Louboutins.” Naming a song after expensive French shoes may seem shallow and materialistic, but Lopez says the tune has much more meaning than that.

“I love the [female]-empowering message that it has,” she says. If someone cheats on you or breaks up with you or does something awful or wrong to you, you [want to] sit there and cry and feel sorry for yourself and eat ice-cream and wear sweat pants and [have] your girlfriends come over.

It’s like no, let’s not get it twisted,” she said in a recent interview. “I’m going to put on my good shoes and my good dress and bye. You’re going to watch this (slaps her backside) walk right out of the house.”

She still has plenty of that famous backside to share, but there is no question she is fit and fabulous at 40.

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