Hailey Clauson shows how to tackle domestic chores in a new Agent Provocateur campaign.

Hailey Clauson shows how to tackle domestic chores in a new Agent Provocateur campaign.

Fashion wild child, Hailey Clauson cooks, cleans and fries it up in pan, all while wearing hot ’50s-inspired garter belts, stockings and sexy lace lingerie. Who knew housework could be so sexy?

Clauson, 18, could give Kate Upton a run for her money with her voluptuous curves in the new campaign for edgy fashion brand Agent Provocateur.

The towering five-foot, 11-inch tall model broke into the business at 14, when she appeared at an open casting call. Ford Models signed her on the spot.

A year later, she was thrust into the middle of a fashion industry storm over too-young-models. She’d signed to walk in Diane von Furstenberg’s show at New York Fashion Week, even though she was only 15.

Hailey Clauson a Wild Cat in Lace Lingerie
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At the time, von Furstenberg was advocating on behalf of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) for voluntary guidelines prohibiting models under the age of 16 from walking in shows. Embarrassing!

Clauson was back in the news when Urban Outfitters plastered her image in salacious poses on its tee-shirts without permission. It was a classic example of how young models are often exploited, but Clauson didn’t get mad, she got even. She and her parents sued.

Two years ago in March, UK magazine Pop published a disturbing photo spread showing Hailey being strangled and in other compromising positions with naked porn stars. Fashionistas were none too happy. All in a day’s work, we guess.

Her new Agent Provocateur spring-summer 2014 spread portrays Clauson as a 50s-era Madame Bovary, who escapes the banality of housework in a flourish of silk stockings, garter belts and lacy lingerie.

Photographed Miles Aldridge shot the campaign titled “Behind Close Doors.”

Creative Director Sarah Shotton said it embodies the “irony” behind the idea of a “perfect” woman. “She’s a lady in the street and a wildcat in the bedroom and the collection mirrors her pretty perfection,” she explains.

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