Taylor Swift launches her new spring line of Keds shoes.

Taylor Swift launches her new spring line of Keds shoes.

Taylor Swift’s wholesome image is captured, again, in her new spring campaign for Keds sneakers. She has her own line of the brand’s iconic Champion sneaker that Swift wore as a little kid and still wears today.

“I had a pair of white Keds I wore everywhere,” Taylor told Teen Vogue. “It was a nostalgic feeling when they asked me to be the inspiration for the collection. It’s cool to be part of something with such a legacy.”

Swift released her first collaboration with the classic shoe brand, using her own wardrobe as an inspiration. For the new Spring season, she collaborated on 11 styles of Keds’ iconic Champion shoe.

Taylor Swift Keeps It Clean and Sexy for Keds (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

Taylor naturally infused her designs with elements from her music career and style favorites, like miniature guitars and polka dots over stripes. The shoes also come with charms, an antiqued guitar pick, or a silver heart decorated with the number 13 (Taylor’s favorite!).

“There’s a lot of lace, polka dots, and stripes because those are the things I wear all the time,” she say.

Last year, she designed a pair to commemorate her new album Red. They were bright red, of course.

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