moss-hinceSupermodel Kate Moss continues to battle her twin demons, drug and alcohol abuse. She reportedly got so drunk she was unfit to fly to Thailand after Christmas where she planned to celebrate the New Year.

The supermodel, 35, had to postpone the trip because she overindulged in food and champagne celebrating Christmas with boyfriend Jamie Hince and her daughter Lila Grace, who is only seven.

“Kate goes away every New Year and booked this year’s trip over four months ago. Unfortunately she rather overindulged during the festive period, stuffing herself with turkey and all the trimmings, alcohol and Christmas pudding,” a source said.

“After drinking champagne from 10am onwards, she felt really ill all afternoon. Jamie told Kate in no uncertain terms that she would not be flying anywhere.”

Kate was unable to get a refund on the four first-class flights she had paid for, or the two nights hotel accommodations. But was reportedly planning to fly out to Thailand last night (29.12.09), three days later than planned.

“Kate was devastated and only cheered up when Jamie promised they’d still go away,” the source added to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

“Annoyingly, she can’t get a refund, so after paying for more flights for her family, she has been joking she has a [$38,000] hangover. All things considered she has taken it really well.”