Barbara Palvin, best known for her work with Victoria's Secret, hits the beach for Twin Set in stunning bikinis.

Barbara Palvin, best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret, hits the beach for Twin Set in stunning bikinis.

Barbara Palvin has become a favorite of Italian fashion brand Twin Set, and it’s not hard to see why. She returns to model its Spring/Summer 2014 bikini line in a sizzling set of photos.

Palvin, 20, has been pounding the boards since she was 13. She was discovered on a Budapest street.

After some seasoning in Asia, where underage models don’t cause much of a stir, she returned to the west and stepped onto the cover of L’Officiel, Vogue Russia, Glamour Hungary and Jalouse Magazine.

At five-feet, nine-inches tall she’s runway perfect and has walked for a slew of top brands all over the world.

Barbara Palvin’s Sizzling Bikini Campaign
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In 2012, her breakout year, she became an ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, but her appearance in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that November put her over the top.

Justin Bieber was spotted flirting with her backstage. The next day, they went on a group date to catch the Lion King on Broadway. Barb became instant tabloid fodder; Justin it seems was still dating Selena Gomez.

She was forced to heatedly denied she’d hooked up with the teen singer.

She’s still making headlines. Earlier this month she was rumored to be carrying on-again, off-again boyfriend Naill Horan’s baby, which produced another heated denial.

“Oh god! i am not pregnant. How many times do i have to say it?!! Gggrrrr.” she wrote on Twitter.

It’s not hard to see why the Hungarian model is such an object of affection. Twin Set loves her. It’s previously featured her in lingerie, jeans and swimwear campaigns.

In the latest shoot, she poses in a tropical locale amid palm trees, pure white sand and deep-blue water. She works sexy bikini styles like no one else and accentuates the suits with tousled hair and alluring come-hither looks.

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