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Miranda Kerr Plays Easter Bunny in Black Thigh-High Stockings (watch!)

Miranda Kerr plays the Easter Bunny in a short film celebrating the holiday.

Miranda Kerr is a silent film star in a short video by Love magazine. She comes to the aid of the Easter Bunny and agrees to swap jobs on the big day. If you’re good, maybe she’ll come to your house.

The Easter Bunny is all for it. After all, modeling can’t really involve that much heavy lifting.

Miranda gets into her new job, too. And, who wouldn’t want a visit from the Easter Bunny wearing black, thigh-high stockings, a black bodysuit, tiny bunny ears and a pink tail?

Sean Thomas shoots the film, titled “Sunny Side Up,” like an old-fashioned silent movie. But with the Australian model in the picture who needs sound?

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The clip opens with Miranda joining the Easter Bunny for a drink. Over a glass of wine the bunny tells Miranda how he’s dreading Easter because “nobody believes in me anymore. ”

Miranda comes up with a bright idea; why don’t they trade places. The bunny goes on Miranda’s photo shoot and she sets out delivering eggs.

Sounds easy enough but watch Miranda muff putting out the eggs on some stairs when one of them gets away from her. No matter she just puts down anther.

Meanwhile, the Easter Bunny goes through all the sexy motions in a photo shoot for Love magazine. Thankfully, they’re only switching jobs for one day.

Check out the hilarious video below, Miranda’s hot photos from a recent shoot for Harper’s Bazaar, and be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest fashion news.

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