Cara Delevingne turns on her seductive powers for Tom Ford's new fragrance 'Black Orchid.'

Cara Delevingne turns on her seductive powers for Tom Ford’s new fragrance ‘Black Orchid.’

Cara Delevingne, fashion’s naughty girl, looks amazingly seductive in a new campaign for “Black Orchid,” a fragrance from Tom Ford. The only question, is she thinking about a boy or a girl?

Delevingne, 22, a socialite, model and globetrotting party girl, likes to swing both ways.

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Cara for Tom Ford

She’s had several high-profile liaisons with the likes of Rihanna, Selena Gomez and her confirmed lover, actress Michelle Rodriguez, of “Fast and Furious” movie fame.

The UK model likes to post randy photos of her conquests, that is, friends, on social media, always with a mischievous smile.

Rihanna in Michelle Rodriguez, Cara Delevingne Love Triangle?

Did she or didn’t she seduce them? Only she knows for sure… and her lovers, of course.

That’s all part of her mystique. And why not? She’s young, rich and beautiful. And, she even has some royal lineage in her family.

Cara proves the British are as red-blooded as anyone else, despite all that stiff-upper-lip bravado. Hello Prince Harry!

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In her latest shoot, the willowy five-foot, 10-inch tall model poses naked for photographer Mario Sorrenti in a dark pool of water punctuated by purple orchids.

She looks up seductively while clutching a flask of the perfume in her hand. Only the water and a strategically placed arm shield her modesty.

Cara Delevingne Leads Her Own Sexual Rebellion (photos!)

The scent is a mix of black orchids and spice. Wouldn’t you like to go for a swim?

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