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Kendall Jenner Wears Nothing But Wet Hair in Russell James Photos

Kendall Jenner poses for her most risque photo yet, wearing nothing but wet hair in a Russell James photo.

Kendall Jenner, the budding fashion model, has got it and she shows it off in a newly released Russell James photo. She’s wearing nothing but wet hair in the pose.

Kendall, however, didn’t make it public. Rather, half-sister Kourtney Kardashian posted the nude photo on her Instagram account.

Thanks, sis. Seems like if Kendall wanted the photo out she would have posted it herself. But that’s the way the Kardashians work.

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In the photo, captioned “Saturday muse,” the 18-year-old model artfully protects her private parts with a well-placed arm and leg. Still, the photo shows her full slender torso.

Kendall Jenner Flirts With Nudity
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While some Web sites are playing up the shock value, the fact that Kendall posed nude is nothing out of line with her profession. Top models from Heidi Klum to Karlie Kloss have done the same much more graphically.

And, supermodel Kate Moss has made a career out of posing nude in fashion spreads.

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James is reportedly working on a book titled “Angels” that will feature models in various stages of undress.

Kendall broke the ice on revealing photos with another James snap showing her wearing a see-through mesh top without a bra. She also walked in a fashion show for Marc Jacobs in a breast-baring see-through top.

Half-sister Kim Kardashian has also posed nude in the past for Playboy. Right, she has the sex tape, too. So far, Kendall hasn’t gone there.

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