Oprah Winfrey appeared at the Costume Institute's Met Gala accompanied by Oscar de la Renta. (Photo: Getty)

Oprah Winfrey appeared at the Costume Institute’s Met Gala accompanied by Oscar de la Renta. She’s one of dozens of notable women who wore his dresses. (Photo: Getty)

Oscar de la Renta, who died Monday, had an incalculable impact beyond the world of fashion. He dressed everyone from celebrities to first ladies, who appeared in his confections at galas, special events and weddings.

De la Renta, who was 82, had been struggling with health issues since 2006 when he was first diagnosed with cancer.

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In recent appearances he appeared frail. He was last seen in public at his women’s wear show in September.

The designer got his start in the 1960s, and vaulted into the upper echelons of fashion when First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy began wearing his clothes. He’s been a favorite of first ladies ever since right up to First Lady Michelle Obama.

He launched his ready-to-wear label in 1965 in New York.

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de la Renta gowns became a staple at Hollywood events as well. Over the decades he never went out of style. Even a number of today’s Young Hollywood actresses have worn his dresses to stellar events.

de la Renta began designing wedding gowns in 1975 and they soon became a must have for women in the public eye. Most recently he designed the wedding dress of Amal Alamuddin, who married actor George Clooney last month.

He was so favored in presidential circles, The George W. Bush Presidential Center featured an exhibit titled “Oscar de la Renta: Five Decades of Style.” It showcased dresses worn by several first ladies.

Here’s are some of the women from all walks of life who have worn Oscar de la Renta.

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Oscar de la Renta’s Immeasurable Impact (Click Photos to Enlarge!)