Cara Delevingne is sultry in stunning evening wear for Top Shop,

Cara Delevingne is sultry in stunning evening wear for Top Shop.

Cara Delevingne, the UK model known for hard partying, gets her sexy party pout on for Top Shop in a new holiday campaign promoting what else: The retailer’s festive party fashions.

Delevingne, 22, had a wild year.

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From a hot fling with actress Michelle Rodriguez to dalliances with Rihanna and a blowout vacation with Selena Gomez in St. Tropez, Cara was a tabloid regular.

But she’s back to work now in the High Street brand’s holiday campaign.

Cara Delevingne, Fashion’s Naughty Girl, in the Flesh for Black Orchid

Cara also repped Top Shop’s fall-winter campaign. The brand stuck with her, even after fashion retailer H&M dropped her in August a year ago after an incident outside her London townhouse.

When she pulled her keys out of her designer handbag, a baggie filled with a white substance fell out. Although the contents were unconfirmed, cocaine is typically packaged the same way.

Delevinge made matters worse when she stepped on the bag in an effort to conceal it from nearby photographers. H&M promptly dropped her and denied she was the face of the brand.

Cara Delevingne YSL Deal Softens Hard Party Girl Image (Photos)

But when it comes to festive occasions, Top Shop couldn’t do better. Delevingne wears pleated party dresses, lots of sequins and sexy black stockings.

Check out her photos and head over to Top Shop’s Web site to see a video of Cara performing all of her party tricks.

Cara Delevingne Sleek Chic for Top Shop (Click Photos to Enlarge!)