Bella Hadid, kid sister of GIGI Hadid is making her own inroads in fashion. (Photo: Danilo Lauria)

Bella Hadid continues to match her big sis GiGi Hadid tit-for-tat (no pun intended, well maybe) in a stunning nude photo spread in Vogue Paris.

The 19-year-old model is a mere 17 months younger than Gigi, but has her own unique look and style.

Although Gigi has gotten most of the publicity, Bella is quickly establishing her own celebrity identity as a model.

Both are the daughters of former Dutch model Yolanda Foster (nee van den Herik) and Beverly Hills real estate developer Mohamed Hadid. Their Palestinian and Dutch heritage give them their unique and exotic look.

Bella is more like her father, darker with raven black hair, which has helped her establish a separate identity from her fairer, blonde sister.

Bella poses on the Vogue Paris cover with model Taylor Hill. Both models are clad alike in high-waist trousers, a roll-neck jumper.

Kid sis Gigi posed nude for the cover of the magazine, so you know Bella wasn’t far behind. She makes her own statement in the shoot by Mert Alas and Marcus Pigott.

It’s all about “#Freeingthenipple” she wrote on Twitter. “Free the Nipple,” is an organization that is lobbying to decriminalize breast-feeding in public and laws against women going topless.

In Europe laws are much more liberal about women appearing nude in magazines and billboards.